Manifest More With Meditation

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My book Mind to Matter offers people some 30 practices that research shows can produce shifts in their bodies at the cellular level. The most important ones are EFT tapping and meditation. Meditation is essential. It sets up a baseline of well-being in your life, both psychologically and physically.

However, most people find meditation difficult and have difficulty maintaining a stable practice. For this reason, I developed a meditation method called EcoMeditation. It is a very simple way of meditating because it uses only physical cues, like specific patterns of breath and muscle relaxation. It does not require you to quiet your mind. It does not require you to believe anything, or let go of your worries. You can be as worried as you normally are, and have all the chaos in your mind that you normally have. Yet if you use the physical cues found in EcoMeditation, you will still be able to meditate.

Here’s what one first-time user wrote:

“All I can say is WOW! I have been meditating often for the last year and have NEVER experienced what I just did while following the audio for EcoMeditation. I was doubtful I’d have any type of enlightened experience and even kept hearing in my head during the initial tapping part, “You’re just wasting your time, you can’t get to that place inside of you, you’ve tried a million times before.” But then once the part about sending the beam of love to someone started, I instantly started laughing and tears of pure bliss came out of my eyes. It was absolutely amazing and I will be doing EcoMeditation every day. I spend probably 99% of my day in a high beta state as I’m always full of anxiety, and frustration, and fear, and anger and just overall burnt out with life and with parenthood. Feeling that love and bliss is my dream. Thank you again!!!!!
—Toni Tombleson

I love to share stories like this because they show that, given an easy and effective method, people can be inspired to meditate daily.

In the course below, you’ll participate in a webinar that shows the large-scale effects on the body of using tapping and meditation as daily practices. The physical effects are substantial: raising the level of beneficial neurotransmitters in your brain, increasing regeneration hormones in your body, and turning on genes that contribute to immunity, optimized metabolism, memory and learning, and general physical health.

You’ll also practice 7 simple forms of EcoMeditation. Each guided audio has a different theme, building on the ideas in Mind to Matter. Each one is about 15 minutes long, and combines EcoMeditation with tapping for the maximum effect. Please download these to your wireless mobile device, and use them at the start of each day. You’re likely to feel yourself shifting to a new baseline level of wellness quickly. Thank you for caring about your health and wellbeing enough to commit to this practice.

Thousands of people worldwide are now using these meditations. I use them myself each morning. As I meditate, I visualize you and all the others doing this as part of one global family. Together, we’re generating an energy field of love, peace and compassion. I look forward to sensing your presence as you join me daily in meditation-land!